The Client

An epic rise in Organic Search traffic and revenue from successful SEO empowered this online fashion store to achieve massive online growth

Key Results
Increase in organic traffic
Increase in organic revenue
Increase in Search ROI

Picture this: A clothing fashion empire armed with high-end clothing brands, waging a stylish battle to conquer the hearts and minds of the fashion- conscious. With four successful brick-and-mortar stores already standing tall across Western Australia, they needed help to grow their business in the online battleground.

They also faced formidable foes – other online competitors fighting for the spotlight with similar brands. This fierce rivalry only stoked the fires of their determination, propelling them to wage a war to conquer both organic and paid search results with unyielding tenacity.

But they couldn’t do it alone. So, they called upon the daring digital champions of Perth SEO Studio, to unleash their SEO prowess and help them capture the vast lands of the online eCommerce realm.

74% increase in monthly traffic from SEO
Massive 319% increase in online sales from search engine optimisation
Incredible 565% increase in ROI for online ecommerce store marketing campaign
Online clothing ecommerce store achieves 565% ROI from SEO
The Challenge

Raising brand awareness and growing website sales

With the sun setting on brick-and-mortar stores across the global,this fashion organisation knew they had to turn their focus beyond Western Australia’s borders, and turn their online store into the sales-generating machine it had the potential to be. They had loyal online customers with a strong email database and a high conversion rate from their enticing email campaigns, but they yearned for more.

Previous search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns had performed adequately, but on their own weren’t able to deliver the traction the company needed for sustainable online growth and revenue. Hungry for a surge in website visitors and devoted customers, they needed to improve their brand awareness across the digital cosmos.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) alone couldn’t quench this cosmic thirst, they needed a solution that would delve deep into the search results, capturing the hearts of users with relevant keywords and queries. They needed a new strategy. One that harnessed the formidable powers of Search Engine Optimisation and help them tap into a new stream of organic search traffic.

Equipped with a new SEO campaign we would be able to drive more newsletter sign-ups, more product sales, and help them achieve victory in their fight for market dominance.

The Solution

Using strategic SEO to turn browsers into buyers

Perth SEO Studio unsheathed its mighty SEO strategy, empowering this fashion business to storm the digital landscape and seize eCommerce glory. Together, we formed an unbeatable alliance, charging towards their ambitious goal of increased revenue.

We first conducted a daring SEO audit, unveiling potential technical dragons to be slain and golden opportunities to be seized. We swiftly vanquished the dreaded 404 pages, boosted page speed like a digital lightning bolt, and improved their meta data with captivating title tags and meta descriptions.

After this we continued with our SEO sorcery and conjured a cunning strategy, infusing high-value keywords into individual product pages’ descriptions to catapult their search engine rankings skyward. As their site’s traffic increased, their user experience and conversion rate flourished. But that wasn’t all!

Perth SEO Studio was not content with mere technical SEO sorcery. We knew that in the search engine battlefield, one must wield multiple weapons to acquire
ultimate victory!

With a vision for building a highly engaged community of high-value customers, we used social media to create VIP groups on Facebook and target key dates and seasons in the e-commerce calendar, like Mother’s Day and the Wedding Season. This solution helped foster brand loyalty and entice customers to come back to the store with exclusive offers and deals.

Further enhancing our SEO strategy, targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising took centre stage, spotlighting key brands and new product line launches. While expertly segmented ads refined audience targeting, yielding exceptional interactions.

This was combined with a cunning remarketing campaign; built with the insights and success we had achieved with SEO. It spread like wildfire across Google and Facebook, engaging visitors at every stage of the conversion funnel. Unique messaging catered to each visitor’s journey, sparking more website sessions, and unleashing a surge of successful sales.

This was backed by a strategic analysis masterpiece – a scenario planning document foretold revenue projections based on historical ROAS and Customer Lifetime Value. This knowledge helped us recalculate their ad spend and choose the most potent advertising channels to strengthen our search marketing efforts. Monthly reporting and multi-channel attribution analysis provided the keys to refining their strategy, ensuring they stayed ahead of their digital competitors.


Dominance on all sides of the digital marketing frontline

Organic traffic and revenue skyrocketed

Perth SEO Studio’s stellar SEO strategy empowered this fashion brand to conquer the digital landscape and increase their organic search traffic month on month – resulting in a sustainable increase in revenue like they had never seen before.

Brand awareness was out of this world

Our relentless SEO efforts helped to kindle an undeniable blaze of brand recognition and awareness, propelling the engagement and sales of both their own clothing brand and the brands they sell to the forefront of the fashion industry. This all resulted in an extraordinary surge of product page traffic and activity.

Valuable search engine data capitalised on

With our heroic SEO campaign, we wielded valuable data and insights to fuel victorious campaigns across diverse marketing channels. Armed with a list of top-performing search keywords and website product pages, crafting complementary SEM and Social Marketing campaigns became a strategic breeze.

The Results

Unleashing unmatched organic triumph and revenue growth from SEO!

Thanks to the fighting spirit of the Perth SEO Studio team and the sensational SEO results we were able to achieve, the battle for organic supremacy was won! The enemy of obscurity was vanquished, and the online wardrobe of this fashion business thrived.

SEO sorcery, combined with a fierce array of digital marketing tactics, paved the way to unmatched victory. Our technical SEO solutions achieved awe-inspiring results, skyrocketing monthly organic traffic by an astounding 74%! These visits translated into sales, and organic revenue ballooned by a remarkable 319%, all thanks to the power of SEO.

But that’s not all – Thanks to our prowess across other marketing channels, return on investment soared by a jaw-dropping 565% for media and consulting spend across all search campaigns.

Increase in organic search traffic

Monthly organic search traffic surged to nearly 15,000 extra sessions.

Increase in organic search revenue

Organic monthly revenue ignited, surging by a dazzling 319%.

Increase in Search campaign ROI

ROI skyrocketed for both media and consulting spend across all search campaigns.

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