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An SEO Campaign So Powerful That It Will Almost Scare You.

If you’re like most business owners, then right now you’re dreaming of the promised land. The land where new customers are flooding in the door and everything you have is selling out faster than a Coldplay concert.

In fact, you’re probably working hard to make it happen. Hustling, sweating, and maybe even shaking your thing on the socials to drum up some attention.

Perhaps you’ve had some success, and life is OK.

But the one thing that’s eluding you, is your SEO campaign.

No matter what you try, the Google traffic to your website is a daily trickle, not the raging torrent of fervent white water that you imagine.

Your SEO agency tells you to be patient. “It takes time for SEO services to work,” says your SEO consultant. But while you sit there patiently, and the months keep droning by, your competitors are basking in those coveted SEO rankings.

This is not the life you dreamed of.

But there’s a better way.

You simply need a specialist Perth SEO company who doesn’t just talk a big game, but who has the deep technical and strategic SEO expertise to deliver big results.

We’re the Perth SEO agency that your competitors are afraid of.

Work with us, and you’ll go from SEO obscurity to SEO Kardashian.

You’ll be everywhere and there won’t be a damned thing your competitors can do about it.

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The Perth SEO Specialists That Make Life Easy

SEO Isn't Simple. But Thankfully You've Found Perth's #1 SEO Specialist.

  1. On-Page SEO

    The not-so-secret recipe for your website is On-Page SEO. It involves tweaking your content, code, and structure to make search engines salivate with delight. Whip up something special and watch your website rise to the top with Perth's leading SEO agency.
  2. Off-Page SEO

    Off-Page SEO is similar to networking at a cocktail party. It's all about who you know, who knows you, and what they say about you. Our talented team will help you make the right connections, and build a reputation your website can be proud of!
  3. Technical SEO

    The wizard behind the curtain, making sure everything runs smoothly - that's technical SEO! From page speed to mobile-friendliness, it's the unsung hero that keeps search engines (and your bank account) happy. Let's see what magic we can create together.
  4. SEO Audit

    An SEO audit is similar to a check-up for your website, making sure everything is in tip-top shape. From content to code, it gives you a comprehensive report card so you can fix any issues and stay ahead of the game. So schedule that appointment and keep your website healthy!
  5. SEO Copywriting

    SEO copywriting is like a word whisperer, crafting content that both humans and search engines adore. From catchy headlines to keyword-rich paragraphs, it's the perfect blend of creativity and strategy, helping your website rank higher and convert more.
  6. Local SEO

    Local SEO is the map that leads customers right to your door. The key is knowing how to enhance your website and online presence to increase visibility among people in your local area. So put out the welcome mat and get ready for more foot traffic!
  7. SEO Migration

    What does an SEO migration and a game of Jenga have in common? One wrong move and everything could come crashing down. If you're changing your site and don't want to lose your hard-earned rankings, you need the SEO team that knows what it takes to keep your website standing tall!
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Working with the leading web platforms

The SEO Specialists You Can Rely On

We’re One Of The World’s Top SEO Agencies And We’re Based Right Here In Perth. It Must Be Fate!

There’s two types of different. There’s weird different, and then there’s refreshingly different. Working with us is more refreshing than a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. Here’s what sets us apart.

Deep Technical SEO Experience

We’ve dealt with the curliest technical challenges, and we loved it!

Understanding how to navigate the search engines isn’t something that can be learned overnight. It’s a skillset that requires many years of education and endless hours of campaign experience.

What makes it even more intense is that there’s no clearcut instruction manual that new practitioners can follow. In fact, early-stage SEO professionals need to navigate a minefield of misinformation, misdirection, and straight up falsehoods.

There’s nothing that can substitute for the experience of spending late nights trying to troubleshoot canonicalisation issues on a website with millions of pages.

The team at Perth SEO Studio has been there, done that. We’ve managed SEO migrations and developed SEO strategies for some of the world’s most complex and competitive verticals.

It’s a game we love to win.

Full-Service Digital Agency

SEO works best when it works as part of a bigger campaign strategy.

If you’re trying to build an SEO marketing campaign on top of a terrible looking website, the chances are you might get some traffic, but you’ll be starved for those valuable conversions.

And if you’re trying to convince people to buy on their first interaction with your brand, but you’re not using remarketing to build trust, then you’ll have lots of one-time visitors who could have been customers.

The best SEO campaigns are the ones where the search engines are considered as part of a broader digital strategy.

Getting the best results is achieved when everything works in harmony.

This includes everything from SEO and web design, to social media, email marketing, Google Ads, and more.

Working with an agency that has access to their full-service parent brand (Living Online) enables you to not only get great results on the SEO front, but more importantly to make sure that your broader digital ecosystem enhances your SEO.

100% Campaign Transparency

We believe in “open book SEO” – no secrets, ever.

There’s a strange phenomenon amongst some SEO practitioners where the methodologies they use are kept private from the client. When SEO agencies hide behind “trade secrets” we’ve generally found that this means one of two things.

  1. They’re using risky short-term and spammy tactics to rank your website that you wouldn’t approve of; or
  2. They’re not doing very much work.

Either way, it’s not in the best interest of the client.

But we operate by a different set of rules.

When you’re working with Perth SEO Studio, you will be astounded at the level of transparency and insight that you receive into your SEO campaign.

We’ll tell you exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, when we did it, how we did it, who do it, and how long it took.

If you trust us to do a great job, then we’ll take pride in showing you exactly how we manage your SEO.

Case Studies

Delivering exceptional results for our clients.

We use our SEO expertise and marketing experience to place your brand in front of your target audience and fight on your behalf for commercial success. Our team is driven by big idea thinking and we refuse to settle for anything ordinary.

WA Surgeon SEO Case Study

WA Surgeon

320% Increase In High Quality Leads & 131% Increase In Organic Traffic.

Tech Startup

358% Increase in Organic Search Traffic and 1900% Increase In Genuine Leads.

seo growth helps tenders platform

Tenders Portal

138% Increase In Organic Search Sales With A 17% decrease In Total Cost per Lead.

Fashion eCommerce SEO Case Study


319% Increase In Organic Search Traffic and 565% Increase in Search Campaign ROI.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Our Commitment To You Goes Beyond Great SEO. We Promise To Deliver Unbeatable Service.

Helping You To Achieve Great Outcomes.

The purpose of our SEO services isn’t just to achieve great rankings.

The purpose is to help you build a better business.

When you first start working with Perth SEO Studio, you’ll find that our entire focus is on achieving the results that matter most.

Whatever you need to help drive your company forward, we promise to help you achieve it.

More sales? We’re on it. Launch new products? Sure thing. Expand into new markets? You’ve got it.

The outcomes that matter to you are the outcomes that matter to us.

Keeping Abreast Of The Latest Trends.

What worked in 2013, doesn’t work a decade later.

Keeping up with the latest trends in SEO is a pursuit that’s recommended for only the most committed adventurers.

The tools, technologies, and algorithms change faster than the tyres in a formula one pit stop.

But within this challenge, can be found immense opportunity.

We’ll be your eyes and ears on the ground, positioning you to benefit from the constant upheaval.

Setting You Up For Long Term Success.

Your SEO campaign must be based upon the strongest of foundations.

Have you ever stopped to consider the architecture that defines the medieval towns of Europe? If not, then next time you’re there, take a moment to admire the foundational walls.

With massive stone assembled upon massive stone, the foundations are built metres thick to stand the ravages of time.

We’ll help you to build an SEO campaign that will not only do well in the short term, but which will become a core foundation of your future success in business.

Recruit an army of SEO experts and experience our fighting spirit.

Prepare for battle

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