The Client

By driving huge organic growth for this technology-led tenders platform, we increased sales and reduced their overall marketing costs.

Key Results
Increase in organic traffic
Increase in organic sales

Using our arsenal of SEO weapons and expertise, we prepared to do battle with the poor organic search results that this innovative tendering platform was experiencing. As a valuable source of opportunities for individuals and businesses to research tenders from a wide of variety of sources, this tech organisation had all the makings of a success. But demonstrating their position to search engines and their target audience was proving to be a challenge.

After recruiting the experienced soldiers of Perth SEO Studio, we came out swinging in this client’s fight for more website traffic, better leads, and an overall reduction in their marketing cost per acquisition (CPA).

Keep reading to learn how we successfully catapulted the organic growth of this digital platform into new, previously unreachable heights.

175% increase in organic search website from SEO strategy
138% increase in paid subscriptions over a 6 month period
The Challenge

Using SEO to reduce paid advertising dependency

In their quest for online dominance, this online company faced an uphill battle full of frustrations and challenges that were harming organic performance and blowing out their marketing budget.

They were languishing in the depths of organic search engine rankings for crucial keyword terms that they knew they needed to acquire to increase conversion rates and leads. This dire predicament was forcing them to heavily lean on paid advertising through Google Ads to salvage lost organic traffic and boost sales for paid subscriptions. But this was coming at a significant cost to their marketing budget and wasn’t sustainable.

This reliance on paid avenues was also exacerbating another underlying SEO issue—the management of two primary domains (.com and they owned. Having to manage and operate two domains and websites for the same service was not only causing severe headaches to manage but was also doubling their time and efforts in getting them to rank for relevant keywords in organic search results. This also came with the potential fear to cause severe penalties from Google and search engines for any duplicated content that was appearing across both websites and marketing campaigns.

The Solution

Customised approaches for organic (SEO) and paid (SEM) acquisition

To rectify the SEO woes this business was facing and liberate them from the shackles of paid advertising, our battle-hardened warriors devised comprehensive strategies for organic and paid acquisition success.

Our technical SEO team first addressed the dual-domain issue they were experiencing by swiftly consolidating the two domains into a single authoritative entity. By strategically merging the .com and domains into the one primary domain that had the highest domain authority, we eliminated the confusion and dilution of search engine authority caused by dual-domain management.

We then embarked on a transformative journey to improve their organic visibility by conducting a thorough SEO audit to uncover areas for improvement and potential hindrances to their search rankings. Armed with the insights gained from our in-depth technical SEO analysis, we produced a comprehensive list of actionable technical recommendations, accompanied by clear explanations of their significance to their organic positioning.

Finally, to bolster the client’s marketing efforts and reduce the need for costly paid advertising we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s Google Ads campaign, utilising our proven Google Ads Audit process. Through extensive keyword research, we developed a new search engine marketing (SEM) campaign featuring over 2,100 keyword variations. To further enhance performance, we structured the campaign around thematic ad groups, optimising relevancy, click-through rate (CTR), and cost-per-click (CPC).


Making an instant impact

Cost-effective domain management

By consolidating their domains into the one primary domain and implementing page-level 301 redirects for all their advertising URLs, we preserved link equity and domain authority, ensuring seamless tracking and analytics. Post-migration checks also corroborated the success of our efforts, doubling organic traffic and reducing reliance on Google Ads.

Unreached organic traffic and sales

With our technical SEO guidance their website began to witness a remarkable transformation, soaring to new heights in search rankings for the keywords terms they wanted to acquire. This helped pave the way for a surge in organic search traffic and sales.

Reduced dependence on paid advertising

The launch of the new Google Ads campaign resulted in a significant increase in Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and a huge decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA) across Google Advertising spend. Our strategic approach in optimising their Google Ads delivered exceptional results, driving higher engagement, and lowering acquisition costs across all marketing channels.

The Results

Our comprehensive strategy to address their SEO challenges yielded impressive outcomes across all marketing channels.

Through our technical SEO solutions, we achieved remarkable results for this client by increasing organic traffic by 175%, nearly tripling their results. This significant boost in visibility translated into organic sales of paid subscriptions growing by 138%, more than doubling their previous results.

But our success didn’t stop there. By complementing our SEO efforts with their new, highly optimised Google Ads campaign, we achieved even greater outcomes. The synergy between our SEO and Google Ads strategies not only reduced their overall marketing cost per acquisition by 17% but showed an immediate 22% reduction in cost per acquisition from the new search engine marketing strategy we started with Google Ads.

These previously unattained outcomes marked a significant milestone for this client’s tendering website platform, solidifying their position as a leader in their industry and setting them up for continued success in the competitive online landscape.

Increase in organic traffic

Organic search skyrocketed as SEO strategies tripled traffic

Increase in organic sales

Paid subscriptions saw a staggering 138% surge in organic conversions

Decrease in marketing CPA

The overall marketing CPA fell by 17% through organic growth solutions

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