The Client

Carving a path to online triumph through cutting-edge SEO for a specialised Western Australian Surgeon

Key Results
Increase in leads
Increase in traffic

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, our strategic SEO expertise has played a pivotal role in propelling a distinguished Western Australian surgeon to new heights of online success. By crafting a tailored approach, we ensured their virtual presence matched the esteemed reputation they hold in their industry.

Join us as we delve into the journey of how our SEO strategies seamlessly aligned their online footprint with their professional standing, resulting in a significant boost in market share.

The Challenge

We had to cut through fierce competition

Imagine a highly respected surgeon with a strong network of referrals, built on their outstanding reputation within the industry. While their expertise was widely recognised, we saw an opportunity to expand their reach and connect with more potential clients who actively searched online.

We had the privilege of working alongside this talented surgeon and their team, fully aware of the immense potential that awaited them in the digital realm. The industry they belonged to boasted significant organic search volume, but it also presented challenges in the form of intense competition from both national franchises and international surgeons.

Luckily we love a good challenge, and we were determined to help our client rise above the competition. Our partnership focused on developing strategies and tactics to enhance their online presence, guiding them towards unprecedented success.

The Solution

On-Site optimisation and content that carves the way to SEO success

We crafted a comprehensive content marketing plan, identifying high value keywords and recommendations for short- and long-term success. Think of it as a surgical blueprint, guiding our client towards digital victory.

Next, we proposed a new website structure, enhancing both user experience (UX) and SEO performance. Our content templates acted as precise surgical tools, ensuring the client’s messaging hit the mark.

Through on-page SEO, such as optimising meta titles and descriptions for priority keywords, we steadily grew organic traffic, employing white hat SEO techniques that maintain website integrity. Just like a skilled surgeon, we improved search rankings without compromising authenticity.

We combined this with other digital marketing strategies, such as Google Ads, for a well-rounded campaign that was destined for maximum success.


Immediate campaign improvements

Significant ranking improvement achieved

Our strategic efforts propelled the top 2 identified key search terms from obscurity, skyrocketing them from the depths of the 55th position and beyond the top 100 in Google, to securing coveted spots in the top 5 positions for both.

Relevant content provided huge SEO value

With the help of our content guides, we successfully published valuable website content that not only met SEO and industry requirements but also provided significant value to the target market.

SEO-optimised content ranked strongly

The immediate impact of our optimised structure and compelling content was undeniable, resulting in an initial surge in rankings, which has steadily improved and continued to climb.

The Results

From the start to the end of the five-month project, the client experienced a 320% growth in leads.

Throughout the five-month surgical journey, our client experienced a phenomenal 320% surge in leads. This remarkable achievement was propelled by the transformative website improvements, acting as the surgeon’s precise incisions, coupled with a remarkable 131% increase in traffic, pumping vitality into their digital presence.

While the short-term traffic growth dazzled like a surgeon’s swift hand in the operating room, the true essence lies in the long-term gains, underscoring the significance of meticulously building a digital presence that stands the test of time.

The solid foundation laid through the meticulous website structure, the strategic content guide, and the comprehensive keyword research have paved the way for our client’s ongoing success, positioning them as the leading surgeon of their digital domain, ready to continue building upon their impressive achievements.

Increase in leads

The campaign witnessed a remarkable 320% surge in generated leads.

Increase in traffic

From the beginning, website traffic experienced an impressive 131% growth.

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