The Client

Like a rocket poised for liftoff, this technology startup sought an SEO agency to propel their market entry to great heights

Key Results
Increase in organic traffic
Increase in genuine leads

Empowered by the strategic might of search engine optimisation, our Perth SEO agency embarked on a rewarding collaboration with a tech startup poised for an exciting product launch.

With the development of their website by our parent brand Living Online as their digital compass, we charted a course for success in the vast online landscape. Like a steady current guiding a ship, our SEO strategies propelled their website to new heights, attracting a growing stream of visitors and genuine inquiries soon after launch.

Read on to discover the remarkable potential of SEO in helping tech startups flourish when you have the right agency by your side.

358% increase in organic search traffic from expert SEO
1900% increase in genuine leads from organic search traffic
The Challenge

Attracting the right people to a new product

Within the vast landscape of technological innovation, a dynamic tech startup set out to introduce its groundbreaking product to the world. Recognising the importance of educating their target markets about their offering and its specific benefits for different customer segments, they sought a new website with tailored landing pages to convey their value proposition to each niche effectively.

Not only this but with a lean budget for ongoing advertising, they needed a website that was already search engine optimised.

With their new website ready to debut, the next challenge was strategically reaching the right audience through an online campaign relying heavily on SEO and supported by other digital marketing services.

Their goals were twofold: to enhance brand awareness and generate qualified leads. These leads would be the key to unlocking valuable long-term client relationships, beginning with free demo sign-ups.

The Solution

A striking website built for SEO and lead generation

The tech startup’s website underwent a full transformation, featuring visually appealing designs that harmonised with their branding and online objectives, while prioritising SEO effectiveness. Critical to their success were landing pages tailored to different customer segments, showcasing relevant benefits, enticing imagery, and compelling calls to action. The responsive website development incorporated specific client requirements, including an interactive dashboard and a reseller’s portal.

Following the website launch, a meticulous post-migration checklist and technical SEO audit were conducted to swiftly index the new pages by search engines, ensuring alignment with SEO and brand awareness goals.

Strategic keyword research and optimisation played a pivotal role in driving conversions from search engine queries. Our approach yielded strong leads from organic search traffic, maximising the chances of engaging interested prospects.

The startup’s accolades, including grants and awards, garnered attention from numerous online sources. To leverage this for SEO and branding, we diligently ensured that every mention of the startup was accompanied by a backlink directing to their website, capitalising on the exposure and enhancing their online presence.

Lastly, a full-spectrum digital marketing campaign was implemented to support the ongoing SEO, which included Google Ads, remarketing, and email marketing.


An explosive market entry

The site began ranking quickly

The planning process before the website was even launched, such as keyword research, technical SEO, and on-page optimisation, allowed the site to rank quickly for its keywords soon after going live.

Those seeking found the startup

By carefully identifying and optimising the right keywords, we maximised the conversion potential of search engine queries, yielding a steady flow of strong leads from organic search traffic.

A personalised experience means more

Crafting landing pages targeted at distinct customer segments, incorporating pertinent benefits, captivating images, and compelling calls to action, established a deeper connection with each individual, resulting in a surge of generated leads.

The Results

In just one year, this tech startup saw an impressive 1900% increase in qualified leads.

In the competitive realm of the tech startup landscape, our agency played a pivotal role in catapulting this ambitious company into the market with resounding impact. With a user-focused website as their launchpad and our adept execution of SEO and digital marketing strategies, their journey was nothing short of extraordinary.

In the span of just 12 months, our expert SEO efforts drove an astonishing 358% surge in organic search traffic. This increased interest translated into exceptional results, with a staggering monthly increase of 1900% in high-quality leads during their inaugural year.

By working closely with this company to develop a website tailored to their target audience and implementing powerful SEO strategies in conjunction with other digital marketing campaigns, we set them on a path of growth and recognition within the industry.

Increase in organic search traffic

Within a year, organic search traffic skyrocketed, surging by 358%.

Increase in genuine leads

In a remarkable first year, high-quality leads soared by an astonishing 1900% monthly.

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